About Us

Our company makes production at the level of factory in a closed area of 1500 m2. Taking the road with the slogan of the best quality and the most affordable price since the day it was founded, ?AHBANLAR DEM?R aimed to provide service with this slogan to its nearly 200 dealers across the country. Apart from its domestic dealer network, our company aims to make its name across the world and currently works with respectable firms in the Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East as well. 
To transform iron into wrought iron products with matchless grace and make it the indispensable element of the modern structures as well.
Our company has got a wide product range with more than 1000 products and wrought iron products, decorative panels and decorative middle parts constitute the main items of this range. In addition to them, every kind of accessory materials; for example: door, bay windows, corners, spears, leaves, badges, flanges etc. are our other sales groups.